Polishing permanently removes swirls and scratches, instead hiding them with a glaze wax, that has a lot of fillers and you just wipe it on. It fills the scratches, but it’s temporary. It looks good for a few weeks until you wash the car a couple of times, and then those fillers will deteriorate and then all your swirls come back.

What polishing does is shaves a very fine layer of your clear coat off because all those scratches are in your clear coat. Depending on how deep scratches and swirls are, certain ones might not be able to come out with polishing. You may have to sand and then polish. 

It can be hard to tell if there are swirls or scratches on your car. When you look at your car in the sun, it looks like there are spider webs all over it. These scratches and swirls can occur from normal wiping, going through the car wash, or using a snowbrush in the winter time. It leaves very fine scratches in the clear coat. Paint correction and polishing means correcting the paint and bringing it back to that like-glass swirl-free finish.

Environmental factors can also cause you to require Paint correction. You could get water spotting from acid rain, hard water spots, salt in the winter time, sap, or bird droppings. Just by washing the car or clay barring it won’t remove those spots, which is why polishing and paint correction are necessary.

Paint correction process


Pre-rinse to remove heavy debris and road grime.

Pre-foam and let sit to loosen bonded contamination.

Wheels, tires and fender wells safety degreased and cleaned with various wheel brushes.

Two bucket hand wash using premium microfiber wash mitt for a swirl free finish.


Paint, glass and wheels are soaked with Sonax Iron remover to remove embedded iron.

Clay bar is used to remove bonded contamination from paint.


vehicle surface is made dry with soft microfiber towels

Surface is wiped down with glass cleaner and IPA isopropyl alcohol to remove waxes and sealants to exposed bare paint.

Rubber trim, emblems, vents etc are masked off to prevent damage and debris from polishing.

Paint is measured using a paint depth gauge.


Paintwork is corrected through one of our level of correction service requested by customer


We apply ceramic coating or graphene coating (if requested by customer) lasting up to 6 months to lifetime.

Wheels are part of the ceramic pro and graphene coating packages.

Window cleaned interior/exterior.

Final walk-around with our inspection is done



Cost: $349 - extra for larger vehicles

This is for those who are looking to restore gloss and remove light swirl marks and hazing.

This service is a good entry level correction over the entire paintwork. 

After the correction process is carried out we apply a CERAMIC COATING (if requested by customer) that will last 6 months to lifetime depending on the selected package.


Cost: $550 - Extra for larger vehicles

One of our most popular correction service. 2 steps of correcting to remove heavier defects that our level 1 service can't remove. 

Recommended for vehicles with moderate swirl marks, light wash scratches, micro marring, holograms and light water etching. 

After the correction process is carried out we apply a CERAMIC COATING (if requested by customer) that will last 6 months to lifetime depending on the selected package.


Cost: $650 - Extra for larger vehicles

This service is for neglected vehicles.  2 - 3 stages of correction and spot wet sanding to remove all severe swirl marks, light to medium scratches, holograms and buffer trails and light water etching.

In the end, you will be left with a perfectly scratch free finish with deep brilliant gloss.

After the correction process is carried out, we recommend adding our Ceramic Pro coating to lock in the results. This will also provide a harder layer of protection over the factory clear coat for scratch resistance and easier washing.