After time sunlight, road salt, harsh chemicals and road debris all leave headlights looking yellow, foggy and hazy. The surface damage this causes makes your headlights unpleasant to look at and have poor nighttime visibility.

Headlight renewal improves your nighttime driving visibility and beautifies the appearance of your vehicle 

We want drivers and pedestrians to be safe on the road, therefore we offer 3 options for a Headlight Renewal to suit your budget and needs.

Average starting cost: (a set of headlights)

1. Cutting using compound the exterior lens and polish back to clarity & sealed $120

2. Cutting using compound the exterior lens and polish back to clarity & ceramic coated $150

3. Cutting using compound the exterior lens and back to like-new clarity, Paint protection film PPF applied and Ceramic coated $250

*for PPF application price may vary depending on the complexity of the headlights and size


Scratches can be hide by using wax that has fillers in them but after sometime they fades away and scratches become visible again.

We remove or reduce scratches safely following a skilled detailed technique that includes measuring the paint thickness and reduce the appearance of the scratch by following methods: machine, wet sanding or heat polishing.